Women’s Swimming Camps

Attending a swimming camp or clinic is a good idea during the recruiting process. Camps can help high school girl’s swimmers in a number of ways.

  • Instruction provided by knowledgeable college women’s swimming coaches is a good way to hone your swimming technique and form.
  • Swimming camps offer exposure to college swimming programs. It’s important for swimming recruits to realize that you’re not going to be “discovered” at a swim camp, but coaches already familiar with you and your swim times may evaluate your skills more closely if they see you at camp.
  • Women’s swimming camp lets you see the form and technique of other girl’s swimmers, which can help you improve your own skills.
  • Many women’s swimming camps also provide instruction for when you’re out of the pool, offering a comprehensive overview of things like strength training and the nutritional needs of swimmers.
  • College swimming camp can give you a good idea of what campus life is like. You get to see the dorms, check out a school’s athletic facilities and experience the college in ways that might help make your eventual school choice easier.


Choosing a Women’s Swimming Camp

Do your research when deciding on a women’s swimming camp. Decide if your goal at camp is to work on your technique, or to gain familiarity with a college women’s swimming program.


If you decide to go to swimming camp to work on your technique, learn as much as you can about the coaching staff. Find out their level of experience, and if they have a history of producing talented swimmers.

If you want to find out more a college women’s swimming program that you’re interested in go to a camp at a college that’s recruiting you. It will give you a good chance to see what the swimming scene is like there.


What’s the difference between invite-only “elite” women’s swimming camps, college women’s swimming camps, and private camps and clinics?


Elite women’s swimming camps (like U.S.A. Swimming’s National Select Camp) are generally invitation only, and those invites are given to girl’s swimmers that have some of the best times in the country. Because of this, the level of talent at these camps can be very high.


College women’s swimming camps are run by college women’s swimming coaches, and offer a high level of instruction as well. But college swim camps also offer a swim recruit the chance to get a feel for the swimming program she’s considering. Attending a women’s swimming camp at a school that you’re interested in lets you see the school’s campus and athletic facilities, and it lets you gain familiarity with the swimming coaches.


Private camps and swimming clinics are not associated with college swim programs, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth going to. There are plenty of high-level private swimming camps and swimming clinics around the country run by former college swimmers and coaches. If you’re thinking about attending one, look into the qualifications of the staff. If your main focus is to improve your technique and your overall performance, these camps can be a great option.



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